Point of Purchase Wall Display

It is very rewarding to see your work printed and on display for its intended purposes!

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Privacy and Social Networks

Poll: Are you friends with your managers and coworkers on Facebook?

Please take the time to answer my poll:

Are you friends with your managers and coworkers on Facebook?


Poll: Do you use social media applications on your smart phone?

Do you use social media applications on your smart phone?


Infrographic on Mobile Phone Security

Growing Technology.

Personal security is becoming more of an issue everyday with the evolving technology.  Many of us are becoming socially and digitally connected with the ease and convenience of the mobile phone.

One of the newest applications, mobile payment debuts nationally at Starbucks.  That’s right, you can now make payments at Starbucks with your mobile phone!  Believe it or not!

Safety First.

It is very important to maintain secure with your personal information.  People can be very vulnerable and it is easy for a hacker to take your personal information and possibly steal your identity. Continue reading

Poll: is your Facebook connected to LinkedIn?

Social media tends to create confusion between business and pleasure.  Please take the time to answer my poll about using Facebook and Linked In together.

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Is your Facebook account synced to your LinkedIn account?


Poll: Foursquare

My recent blog post about the Foursquare application created conversation about the use and safety of the program.  Please take the take to answer my poll.

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Do you feel safe using the Foursquare application?


KellyLynnMerz QR Code

My personal QR Code is here!

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How Do You Use Socail Media?

Please take the time to click on the link below and answer how you are utilizing your digidal presence and social media.

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Foursquare Safe to Use?


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